Francisco Eduardo Mourão Saboya Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering

Laboratórios de pesquisa

Laboratory of Opto-Mechanics – LOM

Laboratory of Opto-Mechanics – LOM

Responsible Coordinator: Luiz Carlos da Silva Nunes

Sala 210, bloco E

The LOM has as its main objectives the development and application of experimental optical methods in engineering problems. The classical experimental methods used in solid mechanics are undergoing significant changes due to the great advance of optical measurement methods. Such methods have numerous advantages, such as: global measurements of displacement, strain, stress and temperature; measurements without physical contact; great accuracy and/or resolution in measurements. Considering such advantages, optical methods have become an attractive field of investigation and application. Since the foundation of LOM, in 2006, several projects and scientific products have been developed, in addition to the training of undergraduate and graduate students.

LOM Infrastructure:

High resolution model CCD cameras (Sony XCD-SX910, XCD-U100 and 2 Basler Ace) with control software; Thermal IR camera model Flir A325G with image acquisition software; scanning electron microscope: benchtop Phenom ProX mini-SEM; binocular microscope with MOTICAM 2300 video camera; optical elements (lenses, mirrors, polarizers, opto-mechanical supports, among others); 15mW IZI Laser module with 632m wavelength; LEDs; two universal mechanical testing machines; three optical tables with drilling and vibration isolation and computers; machining equipment: bench drill; bench milling machine; mini-lathe and other small equipment. Two digital image correlation systems: 2D and 3D.

Methods and applications:

Digital Image Correlation (DIC); Digital Holography (DSPI); Digital Shearography; Infrared Thermography; micro and macro measures, non-destructive testing; detection and characterization of cracks and damage; analysis of displacement and deformation fields; thermal measurements; identification of physical properties: mechanical and thermal; study of the mechanical behavior of polymeric materials and biological tissues.

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